Broken Wing is a collection of music.  Each song represents a moment where writing music served as a powerful tool for acceptance of difficult moments in relationships and losses.  I arranged these songs with my own unique style, adding a string quartet,  lush harmonies, and a rock band.  The result is a dynamic, sonic journey of human experience.


Living beings connect with earth, air, water: With emotion, breath, love, colour, sound, shape and    movement.  The story of the injured Sandhill Crane, its rescue, its interaction, its evolution, its bonding is    an outstanding metaphor for connection.

It was a beautiful story told through the songs and the instruments. The music painted a clear picture of   all the characters, the artist, the surveyor, the hunter to name a few, who connected throughout by  using     the skills, knowledge and emotion of each one's strengths, passions and understanding. The music was      an inspiration for connectivity through threads of melody, depths of harmony and colour and shape of sound.

It was masterfully composed on so many levels and beautifully rendered by you, the composer, and all the singers and instrumentalists who got the connection.

Thank you for your dedication and understanding in portraying this story. It was a fulfilling and stunning performance, intellectually, emotionally, artistically.  -  Jill Faulks (Castlegar BC)

"So uplifting!!"   - Val C


Susan Aylard - 1st violin

Brie Hurlburt - 2nd fiddle

Martine denBok - viola/vocals

Jeff Faragher - cello


Noel Fudge - lead vox/guitar

Jay Buttle - bass guitar

Dean Spankie - drums

Helen Davis - backup vocals

Allison Girvan - backup vocals


The Lalin Vocal Ensemble