Born in Maple Ridge, BC in 1976, composer Noel Fudge now raises his family in the beautiful New Denver, BC. Noel's enjoys writing and arranging pieces for specific ensembles and chamber groups, including his commissioned work "Memory and Reflections" for the 75th Anniversary of the WWII Japanese Canadian Internment, and "One Legged Waltz" for esteemed performers, Johanne Perron and Martine denBok.  Current commissions and compositions are focused on String Quartets, Duets, Trios and Chamber groups. 

      During his early years, Noel became involved in rock bands where they performed his original music and received multiple scholarships to pursue his passion of music and composition.  Noel completed two degrees in music, one from Vancouver Community College in performance and one at Simon Fraser University majoring in composition (BFA).  After twenty-five years of running a successful teaching and recording studio, Noel moved to New Denver BC and focused his abilities on writing for film, ensembles and for various performers including his notable duo “Freya” with partner Martine denBok (violin/Viola),  “Klezmeridian“, a Klezmer and ethnic band based out of Nelson BC and "Vanir",  a rock-band where Noel performs his original songs with Jay Buttle (bass), Dean Spankie (drums) and Martine denBok (violin/keys/vocals).  His latest project, Broken Wing, is a 10 piece ensemble featuring a string quartet, a rock band, and lush harmonies, has lifted off the ground.  Check out BROKEN WING, for more information.

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