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Not related to my typical music page but nonetheless, a fantastical eyewitness of something strange in our lake here in New Denver.  Check out these Lucerne students and their quest to find the truth about what it is they saw.  

A Magnolia Forsythia

'A Magnolia Forsythia' was filmed in beautiful New Denver.   This is a solo cello piece written for master cellist Johanne Perron.  This short piece depicts the small window in time that a Magnolia and a Forsythia bloom together.  Johanne beautifully paints the love between them, and the beauty in their decay, leaving us in admiration...and looking forward to next year's spring. 


When COVID-19 struck the world and turned it upside down, poet Sean Arthur Joyce decided to record his impressions during the year in a series of linked poems—a kind of poetic ‘diary.’ Joyce chose to base the poems on actual events, both personal and on the world stage, since the first lockdown in March 2020.  

Kootenay Murphy Beds (PROMO)

Music: "Sandlewood" by Kootenay group, Freya (

Check out for more information on these amazing beds!

CD design for Juno Award winner

Alpha yaya Diallo - Doye Doye

"Immerse yourself in a winter composition of sound and image. Experience the beautiful Slocan Valley in British Columbia through Petra’s eyes and heart, accompanied by Noel Fudge’s soundscape."