Looking for an exotic, transportive and uplifting experience? Immerse yourself in the warm and soulful sounds of Klezmeridian - a West Kootenay band that’s crossing musical meridians and combining the styles of Yiddish Klezmer folk music and contemporary folk - creating a uniquely diverse and vibrant listening experience. A treasure trove of talent, the 6 piece ensemble features Martine denBok (violin), Nicola Everton (clarinet), Bessie Wapp (accordion and vocals), Rob Fahie (bass), Graham Tracey (percussion) and Noel Fudge (guitar), all of whom are accomplished musicians in their own right in the genres of classical, jazz, rock, folk and world music. Bringing a moody and eclectic program, Klezmeridian will present some traditional tunes, but it’s most distinctive flavors are composed by the groups’ guitarist and talented composer, Noel Fudge, who enjoys merging traditional instrumentation and scales with his contemporary, accessible style. With superb skill and colorful personalities combined, Klezmeridian creates a fantastically fun vibe, sure to get you smiling, inside and out!