Broken Wing

a musical journey - project


dynamic 5-piece ensemble - band


violin/guitar duo 


A rock band


Noel Fudge


Sandhill Studios

audio/video production

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When I wrote this song, I inserted one note into every chord.  It represents an anchored support and unwavering truth that grounds us...

if we can only stop and listen.  

This is Inner Witness.

A Magnolia Forsythia

We are gifted a small window of time to experience the beauty of both the magnificient Magnolia and the stunning Forsythia.  The contrast in colour and the vibrancy deserves a pause...Filmed in beautiful New Denver, BC, master cellist, Johanne Perron paints a love between these two flowering trees, the beauty in their decay, leaving us in admiration...and yearning for next year's spring.


Not related to my typical music page but nonetheless, a fantastical eyewitness of something strange in our lake here in New Denver.  Check out these Lucerne students and their quest to find the truth about what it is they saw.  


Freya (Martine denBok and Noel Fudge) perform a song from their debut album, live from the New Denver Lodge. 


A spicy sample of traditional and original tunes from the Klezlibrary.