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A Magnolia Forsythia

'A Magnolia Forsythia' was filmed in beautiful New Denver. This is a solo cello piece written for master cellist Johanne Perron. This short piece depicts the small window in time that a Magnolia and a Forsythia bloom together. Johanne beautifully paints the love between them, and the beauty in their decay, leaving us in admiration...and looking forward to next year's spring.

Isolation Commissions -

#116 FREYA - 'Rosebery' - N. Fudge

Here is our video, recorded for the Isolation Commissions ! We are honoured to be involved in this amazing project! A big thanks to Mark Haney for connecting us with our commissioner John Aitken and for creating such an important project during these crazy times!

To support front line artists in this unprecedented time, and to foster reflections on that time from our musical community, Little Chamber Music has created the Isolation Commissions.


to Petra Hekkenberg for winning 3rd prize at the North Valley Mountain Film Festival.

"Immerse yourself in a winter composition of sound and image. Experience the beautiful Slocan Valley in British Columbia through Petra’s eyes and heart, accompanied by Noel Fudge’s soundscape."


"Memory and Reflection" for the 75th Anniversary of Japanese Canadian WWII Internment

"[Langham]...commissioned suite of music titled Memory & Reflection. Its sheer range and breathtaking dynamics should establish Noel Fudge as a major contemporary composer" - Art Joyce

Read full article here

...and the brilliant evocative musical soundtrack of Noel Fudge is a work of art, more beautiful than I ever dreamed it could be.”

– Barbara Brown

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Magnolia Forsythia

performed by cellist Johanne Perron

One-legged Waltz

performed by Oliva Walsh and Martine denBok


performed by Klezmeridian

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